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The following are the names, office(s) held and principal occupations of the directors and officers of the Company:

Brian D. McChesney
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
(Corporate Director)


B Split II Corp. was created to invest its funds in BCE Inc. common shares in order to generate dividend income for holders of its Preferred Shares and to enable the holders of the Company's Capital Shares to participate in any capital appreciation in the portfolio shares. On June 1, 2010, the Capital Shares and Preferred Shares were redeemed by the Company in accordance with the redemption provisions as detailed in the prospectus dated April 20, 2005.

General Information

Distribution Policy

For historical distribution amounts, please see distribution information.


All Capital Shares and Preferred Shares were redeemed by the Company on June 1, 2010 in accordance with the redemption provisions of the shares. The Preferred Shares were redeemed at a price per share of $9.75. The Capital Shares were redeemed at $11.0074 per share. Holders of 96,280 Capital Shares requested and received delivery of their pro rata share of BCE Inc. common shares in payment for their Capital Shares.


Dividends received by individual Preferred Shareholders will be subject to the normal gross-up and dividend tax credit rules applicable to dividends received on shares of a taxable Canadian corporation.

Return of capital payments to a holder of Capital Shares will not be subject to tax but will reduce the adjusted cost base of the Capital Shares to the holder.

The Company qualifies as a "mutual fund corporation" and a "financial intermediary corporation" as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada). As a result thereof and after deduction of expenses in computing its income, the Company does not anticipate that it will be subject to any material non-refundable income tax liability.