Company Details

Directors and Officers

The following are the names, office(s) held and principal occupations of the directors and officers of the Company:

Brian D. McChesney
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
(Corporate Director, Scotia Capital Inc.)

Stephen D. Pearce
Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Director
(Director, Scotia Capital Inc.)


The Fund's investment objective is to provide investors with the opportunity to realize capital appreciation through investment returns that have a low correlation to traditional forms of stock and bond securities. The Fund is intended to provide added diversification and enhance the risk/reward profile of conventional investment portfolios. To pursue its investment objective, the Fund will obtain exposure to a diversified portfolio of financial instruments across a range of global markets including currencies, bonds, stocks, agriculturals, energy, metals and short-term interest rates to be managed by the investment manager, Man Investments Limited, using a multi-strategy and predominantly trend-following trading program.

General Information

Distribution Policy

The fund does not intend to pay regular distributions to Unitholders.


Units are redeemable on a weekly basis at a price equal to the NAV per Unit applicable to the class of Units as at the Valuation Date upon which the Units are redeemed, subject to the Fund's right to suspend redemptions in certain circumstances. Unitholders will receive the Redemption Price within ten business days of the applicable Redemption Date.


Dividends received by individual Class A and Class F Unitholders will be subject to the normal gross-up and dividend tax credit rules applicable to dividends received on shares of a taxable Canadian corporation. The amount of any capital gains dividend received by a holder of Class A Units or Class F Units will be considered to be a capital gain in the taxation year in which the capital gain dividend is received. Amounts received as a return of capital are not taxable but must be used to reduce the adjusted cost base of an investor's Units.