Company Details

Directors and Officers

The following are the names, office(s) held and principal occupations of the directors and officers of the Company:

Brian D. McChesney
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
(Corporate Director)

Stephen D. Pearce
Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Director
(Director, Scotia Capital Inc.)


SCITI Total Return Trust was created to provide investors with tax-efficient exposure to the total return of an equally weighted portfolio of the 100 largest income funds.

General Information

Distribution Policy

Unitholders were not paid distributions by the Trust as all net distributions paid on the Portfolio were reinvested.


All Units were redeemed on May 16, 2011 at a price per Unit of $14.0966.


A Unitholder will generally be required to include in computing income for a taxation year the amount of the Trust's net income, including net realized taxable capital gains, paid or payable to the Unitholder in the taxation year. The non-taxable portion of the Trust's net realized capital gains paid or payable (whether in cash or in Units) to a Unitholder in a taxation year will not be included in the Unitholder's income for the year.

On the disposition or deemed disposition of a Unit, the Unitholder will realize a capital gain (or capital loss) to the extent that the Unitholder's proceeds of disposition, net of any reasonable costs of disposition, exceed (or are less than) the adjusted cost base of the Units. For the purpose of determining the adjusted cost base to a Unitholder, when a Unit is acquired, the cost of the newly acquired Units will be averaged with the adjusted cost base of all Units owned by the Unitholder as capital property before that time.