Scotia Managed Companies structures and manages investment products that provide exceptional return opportunities to investors and offers a range of different investment products. Some of these products provide low cost diversification, while others provide leveraged participation in individual companies or portfolios of companies. We have a great deal of experience and dedicated resources in this investment area, and offer excellent products. As at March 1, 2021 Scotia Managed Companies no longer manages any assets.

02/24/2021   Allbanc Split Corp II Announces Redemption Prices and De-listing of Capital Shares and Preferred Shares
02/09/2021   Allbanc II declares Quarterly Dividend
12/30/2020   Scotia Managed Companies Announces Estimated Final Value of Top 20 U.S. Dividend Trust
12/08/2020   Scotia Managed Companies Confirms Upcoming Termination of Top 20 U.S. Dividend Trust
12/01/2020   Scotia Managed Companies announces estimated final value of Moneda LatAm Corporate Bond Fund

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